A Gift of Hope


I have the gift of hope. I think that it is one of the greatest gifts that God has given me that I can share with others that I come in contact with. I am not the only person who has been given this gift. It is free and available to all who seek it. Hope has been given to me by God and has been activated by my personal faith in Jesus. I have had to cultivate it by changing my way of thinking; I have learned to believe for the impossible, and to reach for the stars.

I have overcome difficulty in my life; I have faced depression that seemed insurmountable, leaving me feeling helpless and afraid. Words had been spoken to me that hurt my spirit and damaged my ego. This had control over my self esteem until I discovered the power of forgiveness. I was able to let go of the hurt and emotional pain and find hope.

At the Crossroads Counseling Center, I meet with clients who present a wide variety of problems and concerns. I have never solved anybody’s problem or changed their situation; however I have helped them find hope. No situation is too dark; no pain is so great that this message cannot penetrate. Consider the words of the poet Goldsmith…

Hope, like the glimmering taper’s light,
Adorns and cheers the way;
And still, as darker grows the night,
Emits a brighter ray.

Hope comes after much pain. It is formed out of difficulty. The English philosopher Bertrand Russell penned these words: “Extreme hopes are born from extreme misery.” This is a true statement and many people today have endured the extreme miserly of trauma, of abuse and poverty. Regardless the enormity of the problem, all people can relate to misery at any level as all human beings suffer pain and hardship at some point in their lives. So all people great and small are candidates to receive this gift of hope!

The singer and guitar player Tony Melendez wrote a book called The Gift of Hope. His story is truly amazing as he has inspired millions of people to rise up and have hope. Born in Nicaragua without arms, Tony was brought to the United States to be fitted with artificial arms. He wore them until he was ten, but in his words “I didn’t feel comfortable,” (because) “I could use my feet so much more.” On September 15, 1987, he played his guitar with his feet for Pope John Paul II in Los Angeles. He performed a touching song entitled “Never Be The Same.” This song is very special to me as my wife and I played it as our wedding song on our wedding day. The day that Tony Melendez played before the Pope changed his life, his story into national attention.

See the YouTube video recording of this great inspirational moment and watch it to the very end. It will inspire you and brighten your day. Don’t let your present circumstances stop you from living your dreams!!

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