Family Traditions


Every family has their own unique traditions for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. These traditions lead us through the events during the year, create a common experience for the family and a unique bond that makes for shared history among family members and friends. Family traditions are a a big part of the holiday season!

Family traditions are important and should be embraced! Unfortunately, today many families are spending less time with each other and as a result they are becoming more fragmented and disconnected from each other. Working extra jobs or overtime, the presence of T.V. and computers in every room in the house make it difficult for families to even sit down together for dinner! Traditions bring the family together and that is why I am writing this entry in today’s blog.

Holidays are a great time to embrace the traditions of the past and also to create new traditions. It is a time for families to reconnect and experience the joys of being together. What are your favorite traditions that you remember as a child? What was it that made the “wonder of the season” so meaningful for you? Reflect upon those experiences and bring them back to the present by celebrating those traditions this season.

I welcome your input and thoughts. What family traditions do you remember? What traditions do you do today? How are you making this holiday special for you and your children, your spouse, or your significant other?


One thought on “Family Traditions

  1. I remember when I was a child we use to collect pine cones and decorate them with paint and sparkles and gems and then string them like garland to put on our tree. We would spend the whole day looking for the pine cones and it was a great way for us to be together as a family and make memories. We also would use the pine cones to make baskets,then fill them with baked goods and give them to family and friends. That was another way we spent time together when we baked the goods we put in the baskets and made the baskets. And those are some of the best memories I have from my childhood. I hope and pray that everyone will be able to create sweet memories like the ones I have and perhaps make ways to bond and build lasting relationships with their own family and friends. Happy Holidays everyone ! Be Blessed !

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