Counseling Facts

FEAR: My problems are too vague, trivial, upsetting, or embarrassing to talk about with a counselor.
FACT: Any concern is a valid concern. No matter how big or small your issue, caring, non-judgmental counselors are available to listen and help you work through your struggles.

FEAR: People who go to the Counseling Center are crazy, weak-willed, and/or kind of weird.
FACT: Most people experience some emotional distress at various points in their lives, and some people seek counseling as one step in coping with this distress. Going to counseling is certainly not an indication of having a psychiatric disorder. To the contrary, this kind of choice represents a strong, courageous, mature, and responsible attitude.

FEAR: I should be strong and disciplined enough to solve problems on my own.
FACT: Choosing to seek out counseling services when you are experiencing emotional distress reflects wisdom and courage.

FEAR: Dealing with emotional issues may stir up thoughts, fears, and feelings that will interfere with what I need to do in my daily life. Plus, I really don’t have the time to devote to it.
FACT: These possibilities must be weighed against the ongoing and potential hazards of failing to address your concerns. It is a judgment call you must make yourself, though remember that the “ideal” time to deal with your issues may never arrive.

FEAR: People will know that I went to see a counselor.
FACT: Counseling sessions are confidential. Except in situations to keep yourself, and others safe from harm.

FEAR: I’m too uncomfortable to take the first steps – making an appointment and then talking with a stranger about personal matters seems kind of scary.
FACT: That first step (phone call; appointment) is the toughest. A certain amount of discomfort is understandable.

At the Crossroads Counseling Center it is easy to make an appointment. Our counselors are understanding and care about your private concerns.


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