Merry Christmas from Crossroads!

An open letter to our  followers.

Dear Friend,
Sleigh bells, snowflakes, carols, evergreens, holiday cheer and time spent with family. No wonder we call this “the most wonderful time of the year”!

Christmas is almost here, and with the spirit of gift giving, I hope you will consider giving a gift to Crossroads!

Our reason for great joy this holiday season is the recent expansion of the counseling center, our increased presence on the internet, and our increase in staffing. Over the past few months, we have doubled our office space so that Crossroads can reach a greater number of people in our community who need professional and affordable counseling services.

“Donald” first came to Crossroads because of a suicide that had occurred in his family. Struggling with depression and because of the lack of health insurance, he was unable to find a counselor. Donald couldn’t cope with his grief and needed to speak with a professional. The staff at Crossroads reached out to him with open arms.

Since 2005, Crossroads has been helping people in the community like Donald. Each year, we provide counseling and other support services to adults, youth, couples and families that are struggling with issues such as marriage difficulties, domestic violence, bereavement, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, divorce, and more. No one is ever denied our help based on their inability to pay.

Your Christmas gift will impact us directly by supporting the area of greatest need at the center, our family and children’s fund. This fund enables us to reach out to those who cannot afford counseling services.  These are the people  who need it most.  Each $40 gift will sponor a counseling session.

Your gift is invaluable, it touches lives. Don’t let this season of joy and giving pass without remembering the mission of Crossroads.
Happy Holidays from the staff and the board of Crossroads Counseling Center!
Jay A. Hart, LMSW
Pastor Helen C. Wilk


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