The New Year has arrived. We made it! Blessed to be part of 2012. Many of us have made pledges to improve our health, get out of debt, to make positive changes that would improve the quality of our lives. We have signed up for financial fitness classes, home buyers classes and health clubs.

I would like to remind some and introduce others to a club where I myself hold a lifetime membership .

This club is worldwide, it has been in existence for centuries. This club has never been bankrupt, or sold to another owner. The Better Business Bureau has never received complaints; has members in every country, state, town, hospitals and even the jailhouse.
Membership is free and it comes with a lifetime membership guarantee. Every member is able to receive an elite platinum membership with unlimited use of benefits. The benefits of this club out-weigh out all the other clubs that you may have paid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for. Membership comes with peace where there is no peace, joy where there is no joy, happiness when you thought it didn’t exist for you. In addition to protection against your enemies and all evildoers. It’s additional protection coverage is known as “No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper”, it guarantees your enemy’s will be your footstool.
Member’s of this club have testified to having power to lead thousands of people out of enslavement , being healed from incurable diseases, getting out of financial situations when they couldn’t find their way out, being freed from imprisonment, finding their mate, bearing children when the doctor says it’s impssible and a host of other benefits that many have received from this club. The benefits of this membership are above the platinum level, with infinite value. There is nothing that you ask for as a member of this club that you won’t receive, the quality of service is guaranteed. I welcome you to club “Holiness”, owned by God the father, 20120106-165624.jpgco-partnered with his son Jesus the Savior, and guided by the Holy Spirit.
The enrollment to this membership is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year-long. We welcome any and every one to join!
Written by guest blogger Mary Hall



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