Family Counseling

As your family grows together many unexpected changes can take place that can cause conflict. As communication breaks down, it sometimes seems impossible to get through to each other and that is when family counseling can help.

The most common reasons families seek counseling are:

Substance abuse
career change
death of a loved one
A long term illness
adjustment to family changes
parent-child relationships
sibling relationships
cooperative parenting between divorced parents
school related problems

Although the reasons to seek help are varied the desired end result is always the same: families want to regain the closeness and trust they once shared together. Through counseling families are able to learn to communicate with each other in a more loving and productive way. It can help strengthen relationships and offer a safe and trusting environment to openly discuss problems that you may not feel comfortable discussing at home.

Counseling helps family members understand each other’s point of view. By encouraging each other to express their feelings during conflict family members can learn to empathize with each other and see how their actions affect other family members.

When a solitary family member has specific issues altering their behaviour or habits in a negative way, such as addiction or mental illness, the rest of the family may need counseling. Those affected by the situation may meet in order to learn to understand how to cope with the stresses of the situation while maintaining a supportive and united stance as a family.

As well, intergenerational family therapy looks at a transmission process in which attitudes, anxieties and behaviour are passed from generation to generation. They can help get to the root of the problem and help break the chain of negative behaviors.

Crossroads Counseling Center offers family counseling contact us today for an appointment.

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