What is counseling and what can I expect?

If you’re like a lot of people, you may wonder from time to time if counseling is the answer for you. Maybe you are experiencing a time of loneliness or depression? Perhaps you are struggling with being overwhelmed by stress or anger? Your marriage relationship could use some help, or you need somebody to support you as you raise your children? Whether is personal struggles, or some type of addiction that is bothering you, counseling might be your answer.

You may hesitate to call a counselor because you have questions about counseling. The counseling relationship is a place you can feel accepted no matter what your struggle or difficulty is. It is a safe place where you can learn and grow personally and spiritually at your own pace. You have heard the cliche,”What is said in Vegas stays in Vegas.” That’s how it is with the counselor-therapist relationship. Confidentiality is important so that a positive trusting relationship is gained and maintained.

Counseling is beneficial for a wide range of issues. It can be for an individual, a couple or for an entire family. Techniques vary depending on the counselor and the presenting problem. There are some consistencies however:

Counseling is work! You will be asked to establish goals with your counselor and home work is often assigned to help you achieve these goals.

Counseling helps you to understand what you have control over and how to take personal responsibility for those things.

Goals and progress are evaluated on a regular basis.

The counselor will point out your strengths and help you uncover your potential. This is called empowerment and is a key to successful outcomes.

The counselor will assist you in developing supports within your family and/or community to help you maintain the positive outcome that you are gaining (To keep the ball rolling”).

Frequency of sessions and duration of counseling is jointly agreed on.

You may be wondering how long counseling lasts…

First of all counseling is voluntary. You can terminate counseling at any time.

The pace and duration of counseling is largely determined by you.

The more diligent you are putting into practice insights you gain will impact how long it takes to accomplish your counseling goals.

It’s typical to begin meeting with your counselor on a weekly basis for about 45 minutes then graduate to biweekly sessions and then to a monthly time of maintenance and support.

Depending on your goals, this process can take from a few months to a year or more. The average length of time is about 6 months. Again, your progress largely depends on you and the effort you put forth into accomplishing your goals.

You may inquire further at www.crossroadcounselingcenter.com. Our professional counselors will be happy to set up a counseling session with you to discuss your concerns. If you would like you may request a half hour phone session.





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