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This fall Crossroads is reaching into our community by expanding our programs!  We seek  to address social problems by opening up some new groups for  teens, parents, Latinos, and men’s issues.

The following groups will be held this Fall and registration is now open.  (You can register or inquire for more information on the form at the end of this blog post.)

Project Aspire– group geared to teach teens who have issues with anxiety & depression.  Groups teaches coping skills involving peer pressure, violence, family conflict, bullying and educational issues. Focus will be teaching the members of the group about their issues, the importance of maintaining good health, participating in medication treatment, and enhancing self-esteem. Additionally, we focus on behavior modification and ways of appropriately communication. The group also focuses goals and objectives that the teens have for their future. The group provides tools to teach better choice making and critical thinking through role-playing, and many creative activities. The teens are also taught how to reach out to resources in the community as well as in crossroads in the times of crisis.

Challengers– this group focuses on teens who has been diagnosed with Aspergers or PDD (nos). It teaches the members about appropriate socialization, how to make friends, keep friends and differentiate between good friends and bad friends. The group is taught about their diagnosis and the how to cope with their differences. They are taught that even though they have a diagnosis and may stand out from the crowd they still have a chance to live a healthy and happy life. With this group they work toward goals and objectives in a fun way that guides them through their journey to being productive and happy in life with diagnosis.

Parent Support Group for Parents with Children with Disabilities:

This support group is a place where parents can talk to other parents who understand their unique struggles and challenges.  Sessions will be facilitated by an experienced social worker, while specialists will be invited to explore topics such as behavior modification, nutrition, political issues and navigating the educational system.

Life Hurts God Heals

This group is a spiritual program using the Bible to help teens to process and discuss some of life’s toughest issues that they are experiencing.  The curriculum is comprised of 13 lessons. Within these lessons, students commit to take 8 steps that will help them grow spiritually. For example, one step is for them to admit that they can’t do life on their own and that they need God and others. Because these commitments take 13 weeks, these weeks are referred to as a journey. At times the journey will be bumpy and at times it will be smooth. But the most important part is to stay committed to the road they’ve begun–the road to healing.  Life Hurts God Heals touches on real life issues, hurts and pains and giving participants the tools they need to heal.

Men’s Anger Management Group

Anger is a very powerful emotion that can stem from feelings of frustration, hurt, annoyance, or disappointment.  Suppressed anger can be an underlying cause of anxiety and depression. Anger that is not appropriately expressed can disrupt relationships, affect thinking and behavior patterns, and create a variety of physical problems.  In addition, anger can be linked to problems such as emotional and physical abuse, and other negative behavior.  This group is for men to learn about their anger, the impact it has on relationships. Emphasis will be learning a tool set for change. Topics discussed are as follows:

· The positive and negative aspects of anger as an emotion.

· The connection between addictive behaviors and negative emotions.

· The consequences of learning inappropriate responses to anger.

· The anger and rage connection to a belief system of power and control.

· Physical, emotional and mental techniques that help to defuse anger.

· How to recognize high-risk situations.

· How to transform anger into a positively motivating emotion.

Men’s Support Group for Spouses with Breast Cancer

Group held monthly for men to meet with other men whose spouses have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  The goal of this group is give men an opportunity to share their feelings and struggles with other men who are experiencing similar issues.

English as a Second Language Classes

Classes will be held in beginner and intermediate English with an emphasis on helping class participants increase their ability to communicate better on the job and within the community.  Class is taught by a master’s level teacher in English as a second language.

To register or to inquire for more information click here


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