Asperger and Parent Support Groups at Crossroads: “A Parent’s Perspective”

My son is 17 and was only recently diagnosed with Asperger’s.  I had been looking for a support group for him since his diagnosis but had no luck finding one. Imagine my surprise when I found it, smack in the middle of my Pennysaver! I couldn’t  call quick enough! I thought for sure this must be the first time they ever ran the ad!  Not only did they offer counseling for my son but they had a Parent Support group as well.  What an awesome idea.  I can’t stress how much of a difference this has made in both our lives plus the family dynamics has changed so much as well.  Both my son and I look forward to Monday night.  Steven has forged new friendships with boys who “get” him and he “gets” them too!  I love the session time with the parents.  I have learned so many new resources from other parent’s experiences.  I had no idea about all of the programs offered by the school (summer camps, work programs etc.) Plus, we share experiences that we have had with our sons.  What works, what wasn’t so successful, etc.  I find these sessions with the other parents invaluable and I look forward to them just as much as my son does.  The semesters are broken down into 10 week sessions with a couple of weeks off in between.  As far as cost, it is $10 per week (yes this covers -parent and child!!) Yes, a crime is being committed-robbery.  It is a crime not to attend!

I hope this counseling for kids with Asperger’s never ends!  I feel that I have learned a great deal from our sessions and I can see my son’s self-esteem has gone up a lot too.  That is something you can’t put a a price on.  Crossroads is a wonderful program and you owe it to yourself and your child to try it out.  I promise it’s worth the try!

A very grateful Parent

At Crossroads our asperger group is called “Challengers”  This group focuses on teens who has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome or P.D.D. (nos). We teaches members of the group about appropriate socialization, how to make friends, keep friends and differentiate  between good friends and bad friends. The group is taught about their diagnosis and the how to cope with their differences. They are taught that even though they have a diagnosis and may stand out from the crowd they still have a chance to live a healthy and happy life. With this group they work toward goals and objectives in a fun way that guides them through their journey to being productive and happy in life with diagnosis. 
Our Parent Support Group for Parents with Children with Disabilities is a place where parents can talk to other parents who understand their unique struggles and challenges.  Sessions are facilitated by an experienced social worker, while specialists are  invited to explore topics such as behavior modification, medication questions/issues, nutrition, political issues and navigating the educational system.
If you would like information about our groups or concerning individual or family counseling at Crossroads visit us here.

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One thought on “Asperger and Parent Support Groups at Crossroads: “A Parent’s Perspective”

  1. I Have Been Searching For A Socialization Group For My 16 Year Old Son Who Has PDD NOS For A Long Time. It Is Very True What They Say When You Are Not Looking For Something How You Wind Up FindIng It Faster, Well This Is Exactly How I Found Crossroads As I Just Stumbled Upon The Ad In The Pennysaver Plus There Was A Bonus There Was Also A Support Group For Parents At The Same Time. I Must Say This Group Has Had Such A Positive Affect With My Son As He Made Some New Friends And Has Even Gone To A Movie With One Of His New Friends Outside Of The Group. For Me To Hear On A Sunday Night From My Son “I Am So Exicted To Go To The Crossroads On Monday.” Well That Really Brought A Smile To My Face. You Know What I Am Excited Too As Well As I Will Be Sharing What’s On My Mind Concerning What Been Going On With My Son Lately And Also Listening To The Other Parents Sharing Concerns About Their Teens. I Have Learned So Much By Hearing Experiences Of Other Parents On How They Resolved Issues With Their Teens. I Also Made Friends Too With The Parents. All And All It Is A GREAT Group With GREAT People And I Am Recommending It To Everyone I Know!

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