I Need Some Stress Relief…

stress-at-workEveryone feels they need a little stress relief now and then. But sometimes the signs of stress are more serious and can ultimately lead to a cycle of self-destruction where your workload grows too heavy to bear, you get mired in the little stuff, and lose sight of the big stuff. When should you take your need for stress relief more seriously?

According to Nicole Lipkin , author of  What Keeps Leaders Up at Night  (Amazon Books), here are 8 signs of stress and that you need to pay more attention.

8 Signs You Are Stressed Out

  • Lose your temper more quickly
  • Regularly seem more anxious
  • Get more impatient than usual
  • See and solve new problems more slowly
  • Lose your focus more frequently
  • Suffer more memory lapses
  • Perform meaningless tasks repeatedly
  • Find yourself preoccupied with making “to do” lists

These symptoms signal that you are forcing your brain to operate in too many places at once, and you will almost surely find your productivity slipping. If you find yourself needing stress relief often, you need to re-evaluate how manage stress and find ways to cope with stress productively. If you find you don’t have time for immediate stress relief right now, consider some tips on how to get things done on time and under pressure from Sharon Melnick, author of Success Under Stress.

Talking to another person about your stress level is always helpful.  Sometimes your stress level can be so overwhelming you should reach out to a professional counselor.  At the Crossroads Counseling Center our professional staff are trained to help you develop coping strategies to manage your stress.


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