“I have seen many counselors with my children in the past few years in an attempt to bring harmony to my home and obtain guidance in raising my children.  Until now, we were never able to make the connection we longed for.

About eight months ago I was brought to Crossroads Counseling Center and our lives have been so enriched by the experience.  I am grateful to the staff at Crossroads who, in a few short months, have transformed our lives.  Our fantastic counselor at Crossroads offer support, kindness, guidance, understanding together with the best parenting advice I have ever received!

Because of Crossroads I feel that I am a much better parent and a much better person; you should try it!”


“Because of my teenage daughter’s defiant behavior, my family was referred to Crossroads in Sept of 2007.  I am happy to say that within a short time, my daughter’s behavior and attitude had changed, and this was largely due to her participation in Crossroads Counseling Center.

My husband and I were recommended at intake to enter into marriage counseling and from there, would continue into family counseling with our daughter.  My husband due to his own issues dropped out, but I continued with individual counseling.

It’s funny how God led me to Crossroads for my daughter’s behavior, but it is here that I found  myself.  Due to my very dysfunctional childhood and then on an unhealthy marriage, I was an emotional mess.  But due to my prior recovery background and now having been in individual counseling for two years with crossroads I have grown immensely.  I have grown so much emotionally, and now I am on my own journey of discovering who I am.  This is all due to the loving and spiritual guidance that I have received at Crossroads Counseling Center.”



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